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Basketball is the game that dominates the world. Thanks to its high popularity there are millions of people watching it on TV and many of them are also playing it. If you take a look around the world you could see a high number of basketball courts in every corner of the world. One of the main reasons why basketball is so popular is because it’s simple to play and at the same time it’s very entertaining. It requires little to no gear, compared to other sports like hockey or American football, and it can bring countless hours of workout.


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There are even some articles regarding the world famous Basketball NBA All Star Game. There you can find out the history of this competition and how it’s all organized.
This way you can find all you need to know about the history of basketball. Find out who invented the game and how it evolved through history into the professional leagues you see today on TV.

We have also included many guides where you can find information about how to improve your current basketball skills. You need to learn that from the experts and we have included some techniques that are used by the world’s greatest basketball players. There are many guides available on our website that are meant to improve your basketball play. You could become a better shooter, improve your dribbling and much more.

You can find a few biographies of the best basketball players of all time and there are also reviews of some NBA teams that have managed to stand out of the crowd lately.

Basketball is a very interesting game. There were many players that managed to rise and fall during the many years of existence. No matter if you just love to watch the game on TV, or you are practicing it every day at school or at a local basketball court, you should always stay inform with the latest news and the things that are going on in this world.

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