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Donald Sterling Makes Remarks

Donald Sterling, the owner of the Los Angeles Clippers, has recently been crucified in the media for saying a series of remarks relating towards African American and certain figures in the NBA. Mr. Sterling was forced out of ownership after he made a remark that essentially said he didn’t want black people to show up at his games, this came as a shock to many as the majority of his previous players were African American. After these remarks came to light his team refused to play any matches and the NBA began to lose a large amount of money on the clippers. This resulted in Donald Sterling being forced out of ownership, Donald Sterling was also given a fine of $2.5 Million due to costs for when the Los Angeles Clippers stopped playing at their games.

Los Angeles Clippers logo

Donald Sterling has once again made a series of remarks relating towards what happened last month saying, “I am appalled by how I was treated by NBA Officials, I was a long time owner of the Las Angeles Clippers and I made millions for the NBA. I was jealous as I fancied an African American female and when she brought more African American males to the game I lost my temper. Then I speak to Shaq and he informs the entire world of our conversation. It is absolutely pathetic how the media portrayed me and I can ensure those in the NBA that I will return somehow to gain my presence back.”

Unfortunately the NBA doesn’t work like that, when you are banned for life that ban cannot be lifted.

Miami Heat No Longer Champions

During the last two years Miami Heat has been able to reign supreme as the NBA Champions. This year Miami Heat once again made the playoff rounds in the NBA Championship, going against The Spurs in the final round of the championship Miami Heat lost their two year reign by seventeen points. The San Antonio Spurs have been able to stand as the NBA Champions before but it has been a long period of time since they took this title.

Miami Heat logo

Tony Parker, one of the three players on the Spurs who made a noticeable appearance during the championship commented on their big win saying, “We just wanted to play the game right, we knew that in order to do that we had to be tactical as a team and use every ounce of skill we have in the game. Last year we lost to Miami Heat during the championship and this year we knew that we wanted to come back as the underdogs but leave as the champions. This required a lot of effort from the entire team but our hard effort paid off as we are now the NBA Champions once again.

None of the players from Miami Heat or the coach could be reached for comment, this isn’t shocking as Miami Heat are the most beloved Basketball team in Northern America and they just let down millions of people all around North America. You can be ensured that Miami will be bringing the heat this time around next year.

Assassins Creed 3 Year Life Span

Assassins Creed is one of the more popular video game franchises known to the industry. There are more than six installments in the franchise and with each passing year there are new entries in the series. This year there will be two new entries into the Assassins Creed franchise, one for the PlayStation 4/Xbox One and the other for the PlayStation 3/Xbox 360. The new assassins creed for the next gen consoles boast incredible visuals, the graphics look so realistic that you cannot tell the difference between real life and the virtual life. This is incredible because the Sony VR Headset will be compatible with this game when the headset is released.

Assassins Creed

Ubisoft announced today that last generation consoles will only have new Assassin Creed games for the next three years, afterwards every installment in the franchise will be made to cater towards the next generation consoles. This doesn’t surprise anyone in the industry as eventually the developers behind these games won’t be able to make any more titles for the last generation as they will have maxed out the capabilities of the graphics for the consoles.

Ubisoft made the announcement saying this, “Unfortunately the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 won’t be able to handle the visuals of any of the new assassin creed games we release on the next generation consoles. We know that fans of Assassins Creed on the last generation will eventually grow tired of the differences in the software so in order to not upset our fans we won’t be developing any more Assassin Creed games for the Playstation 3 or Xbox 360 after the next three years.”