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Lifetime Products Opens New Factory In Utah

Lifetime Products, a world leading company in outdoor furniture and basketball equipment has revealed that their opening a new factory in Utah. This came as a surprise to many as operating in the United States of America can be vastly more costly than it would be to operate in China, Malaysia or various other Asian countries. Though operating in the USA can also prove to be profitable as it shows US Citizens that you’re willing to bring infrastructure and jobs to the USA which in return will have citizens support your products.

Lifetime Products

This new Utah based Lifetime Products factory will create roughly one thousand new jobs in the state of Utah. This factory will work towards creating basketball equipment only, using new technology and materials these various kinds of basketball equipment will be more durable than anything that Lifetime Products has released yet. There hasn’t been any word as to when they will begin working on this new factory. Regardless you don’t see world leading companies move some of their operations to the USA, this is a step forward to getting other worldwide companies such as Nike to do the same.

We’ll keep you informed on all updates released regarding this new factory. When it is opened it’ll allow for one thousand individuals to receive a new job, feed their families and receive a good wage once again. Barry Mower, the CEO of Lifetime Products couldn’t be reached for a comment as of right now. He is busy working on designing this new factory in Utah.

Villanova Basketball Coach Passes At 93

Jack Kraft, the man behind the Villanova Wildcats has passed away at the old age of ninety three. Jack Kraft was the man who coached this team for twelve years in a row, during his twelve seasons as coach he was able to take the team from zeroes to heroes in a matter of one season. During 1971, the same very year he began coaching the Villanova Wildcats he was able to take the Villanova Wildcats to the N.C.A.A Basketball Championship Tournament where he coached them into victory. After he retired from being coach he continued to go to the practices, help new coaches and teach them plays. He helped define this team for decades to come and he will be sorely missed by everyone who knew him as an individual.


John Jack Kraft was born on February 10th, 2921 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania where he later on in life played for the St. Joseph Philadelphia Basketball Team. He later on then coached the very same high school team he played for until he was hired on as the Villanova Head Coach. He took the Wildcats to the N.C.A.A Championship on his first year as coach where they won the game 21-7.

“The last time I saw him was two basketball seasons ago,” he told The Bucks County Courier Times. “He looked like a million dollars. We had a nice chat. I saw that he was completely in charge of everything. He had found happiness. What more could you ask? Then you heard about this.”

Doc Rivers Gets Extension

After all of the bad news that the Los Angeles Clippers have faced this year it is nice to hear some good news come out of the team. Today it was revealed that Doc Rivers would be returning to the Los Angeles Clippers as the team renewed his contract for a five year extension.


Steve Ballmer, the new owner of the Los Angeles Clippers is clearly taking his first big step as the new owner. Rivers is a fan favorite and he also is incredible on the court, renewing his contract will only bring more attention to the team in the 2014-2015 Season.
New owner Steve Ballmer said, “Not only is Doc one of the best coaches and executives in the game, but he continually embodies the hardcore, committed and resilient character and winning culture that the Clippers represent,”

There were a ton of issues surrounding Steve Ballmer’s purchasing of the Los Angeles Clippers. He had to wait for the estranged wife of Donald Sterling to finish her court battle with her now ex husband. Luckily the courts did not grant her the right to own the team.

“I didn’t think I was going to have to, honestly,” Rivers said last week. “But I think a lot of us would have been willing to, for sure. With Steve’s leadership, we have this opportunity to be this great organization,” Rivers said last week. “That’s probably what makes me the most excited because I know if you get that part right, the basketball part will become easier in some ways, and that’s good.”