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Uganda’s Youth Pl

Uganda is a country which is undergoing serious financial issues, poverty is an extreme issue to the point that people die every day from starvation. Luckily the youth of Uganda now have a fighting chance as there is a composed foundation in Uganda which takes in hundreds of children in order to give them a better life. They get schooling, they get food, they good water, they get a place to sleep and they get clothes on their back. These children also know that since they are fortunate enough to receive this privilege it is their duty to try to offer those same privilege’s to the rest of their country.


This is why all of the children from this composed foundation and children from around Uganda went to this foundation in order to play basketball. They did this for charity in hopes that those with money in the city that surrounds the foundation which is modern would donate for the rest of their fellow citizens. The rest was hundreds and hundreds of people outside of the foundation attending this charity event.

The Akiba Foundation, a home that gives children cancer treatment will now be receiving Ush10,924,900 which is a massive amount of money in the country of Uganda. We’ll keep you informed on what happens with the results on their donations at the Akiba Foundation. Congratulations is in order for everyone who participated or donated for this charity event, it could of very well saved the lives of multiple children.