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Grand Canyon University

When you think of a donation to charity you think at best a couple of thousands of dollars. Well the complete opposite is going to happen through the Grand Canyon University Men’s Basketball Team. This basketball team is filled with young students who want to impact the world in the best possible way they can which is a lot coming from the youth of Northern America today.

grand canyon uni

Every basketball game will be a special event meant to bring in major revenue for the basketball team which can then be used for charities in return. This is something never before seen and it will allow for multiple charities to get a large amount of money to help whatever cause it might be they support. The Universities Dean is ensuring the public that they are choosing charities that are known for being honest and loyal to what they support. This money will be used for the better of the public all around the globe.

There isn’t any word as to what these events will be themed as but the news of these students putting on these events has crossed the state of Nevada. Hundreds upon hundreds of people will be attending these events for support alone and to make small donations. Those donations added up will allow for more good to be done and this is all because a group of young boys felt like holding a few events a year to help a couple of charities in the state.