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Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence is a young Hollywood Actress that has been able to climb to the ranks of an A-List star in a short period of time. There are a number of reason for this, she has an attitude that doesn’t allow for her life to be effected by dumb tabloids and she is by far the best young actress in Hollywood currently. Unfortunately earlier on this year she had to deal with an unfortunate event as multiple nude pictures of her were leaked online, almost every female star in Hollywood had multiple nude pictures of themselves leaked. None the less she was the face of this major leak but it seems that she has now recovered.

Jennifer lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence appeared at the Louisville Cardinals Basketball Game this December 27th. She looked full of spirit and has more than enough natural smiles on her face to show that she has gotten over the issue. Luckily the Cardinals won the game, this is one of the first times since the major nude leak that we’ve seen her attend a public place such as this. She has been seen at Hollywood parties and various functions but she hasn’t been seen much in the public eye.

This is an incredible thing though as it’ll allow for this Basketball loving actress to move on with her life and be a part of incredible films in the future. Luckily Louisville was able to win this game 58 to 50, it was a tight game but the excitement of the game and the excitement of having an incredible actress such as Miss. Lawrence made people cheer on the team to victory.