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College Football Is “Unwatchable”

Jay Bilas is considered to be one of the more respected television voice’s in sports. He is the leading television voice for college football which can be heard across radio’s in Northern America & his voice over layers the game at points. Anyone who avidly has watched college football could recognize this man’s voice in a matter of seconds. Unfortunately it seems that the former college basketball player now turned into a sports broadcaster has openly stated that he believes college football has gone down the drain and is unwatchable. This is surprising as he has always supported the sport when others haven’t but it seems he has reached his tipping point on the sport.


He has stated that before college’s would treat college basketball as if it was college football. The athlete’s were put into major training regiments in order to ensure that they’d be incredible on the court and eventually become NBA Players, a few of them at least. Mr. Bilas has now stated that coaches across the league are lazy and don’t put any effort into training their athletes. The result is a game that is ugly, unskilled and slow. This means that in the future the NBA will also turn into the same thing as most NBA players are chosen from the college league. Mr. Bilas has said that if coaches don’t start taking the hard approach soon then basketball as a whole has the potential to fail as a sport.

We shall inform you of any changes in Jay Bilas’s opinion on the world wide sport known as Basketball.