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Kayne West Booed At Warriors Game

Kayne West, a man who is hated by many was booed earlier on this week while at a Los Angeles Warriors Game. This is a real shame as this star though has a self centered attitude has also helped many in his crusade to become the best there is in Hollywood. None the less while he was at the game, the jumbotron showcased the star where everyone in the crowd instantly starting to boo him.

Kayne West

This isn’t the first time that Kayne West has been booed this month, it is actually his third time. Just last week when he attended the Warriors game he was booed by all the fans in the stadium and after preforming at the Billboard Music Awards he was booed by the entire audience for performing his hit song “All Day”. That doesn’t mean that Mr. West took offence to any of this as he has stated that he takes these boos as a sign of honor, that he must be doing something right if so many people dislike him.

Often those who are brutally honest about how they think or act are disliked by the mass majority. Kayne’s personality doesn’t go with the norm of Hollywood which is why so many in his city despise him. None the less Kayne is smiling as he continues to stand as a multi-millionaire. Kayne West is said to be releasing a new album later on this year, we’ll inform you as to when the release date is.