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Lil Wayne Showcases Ignorance Once Again

Lil Wayne is considered to be one of the more famous rappers in history, unfortunately by the mass majority he is considered to be a fool and that is through his own actions. Even in the rapping community he is considered to be a joke. Last week Mr. Wayne attended a community basketball game, coaching his youth basketball team “Young Money”. This game had 85% of the proceeds placed towards the “Put down the Pistol” campaign, an act to create charge & innovation within housing communities in metropolitan areas such as the Bronx in New York City.

Lil Wayne

However during this even things become violent as Lil Wayne attacked one of the official refs at the game. This attack came after Mr. Wayne thought that this ref was serving the opposing team “Loose Cannon Slim” with too much love, causing for the young money basketball team having to deal with a series of bad calls that cost them the game. Wayne then charged at the official, blowing one punch into his fist and then spitting on him as he walked away. No arrests have been made due to this altercation, most likely for the same reason as to why Mr. Wayne doesn’t get arrested 90% of the time. Those fear what he can do & he has the money to bail himself out.

Every bit of this altercation was recorded as the game was being filmed by audience members. This could allow for the ref to place charges against Lil Wayne in the upcoming days if he so pleases. We will keep you informed as to what happens with this issue.