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USA Claims PAN AM Men’s Basketball Bronze Medal

The Pan America games were completed only a few days ago and though many countries went without being on the leader boards, the United States of America did not. On July 25th, the day before the games ended it was revealed that the USA won the Men’s Basketball Bronze. Though they didn’t win gold it is still better to place in the top three then to not place at all.

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The United States of America also won a number of other medals including one hundred and three different gold medals, eighty one silver metals and eighty other bronze medals. USA defeated the Dominican Republic 87 to 82, this was a very close game for both teams but none the less the USA Men’s team came out on top. All players in the team as well as the coach expressed how pleased they are that they were able to gain the bronze for Basketball. It was looking like they wouldn’t be able to make the cut but during the last final minutes all players on the USA Team gave it their all, allowing for them to score the other five points and win the match.

Some of these young men won’t be seen again in a worldwide stage until the Summer Olympics. That is truly when the most intense basketball is played globally as the most elite from every country is giving it their all in hopes that they’ll win gold. The Canadians were able to win the gold medal which shocked Pan Am fans everywhere, however this much to the joy of Canadians as the country performed incredibly well in the standings placing second with the most medals won during the games.