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Jay Traino Pays Basketball Fine

Jay Traino, the former Toronto Raptors Head Coach and now Head Coach of the Canadian National Men’s Basketball Team is a man who helps whomever he can. He showcased this once again last week as he paid for an Oshawa, Ontario’s family’s $250 fine. This fine was given to the family after several noise complaints regarding this visually impaired youngster playing basketball.

Toronto Raptors

This story quickly gained a lot of interest and has caused for the neighbors to look poorly. Joshua Roberto, only thirteen years of age is severely visually impaired and can’t do a lot of tasks due to this. One day it’s suspected he’ll go blind when he’s older, basketball is one of the few things he enjoys and the Roberto’s neighbors are constantly harassing them, being bullies and ignorant towards the family. Maciocia Roberto, the mother of Joshua has had to pay hundreds of dollars in fines due to her car being parked on the street, noise complaints and more.

It appears that all of her neighbors are retired individuals, they’re the only young family on the block. It’s apparent that these older individuals are bullying the young family in hopes that they’ll move. In return Miss. Roberto had this story published in the Toronto Star, the main image showcasing “Basketball Net on Highway” when the Roberto’s live in a subdivision.

The end result is the City of Oshawa allowing for the boy to once again have his basketball net on their property and the ticket being appealed. This youngster also got to see the Canadian National Basketball Team practice and play a game when their tournament begins.