Basic guide to basketball rules – Learn how to play basketball

A basketball game is played between two teams. The main goal of the game is to score as many points as possible during a period of time. Scoring the points is done by throwing the ball into your opposite team’s basket. After the time is up, based on the number of points, a winner is designated. The teams are made out of 12 players, but only five of them are allowed in the field at the same time. There are unlimited substitutions and we get to see many of those during a professional basketball game.

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A thing that makes this game very attractive is that it’s quite complex. The players get to move the ball in the court by dribbling, rolling, passing and tapping. The international standard of basketball has 4 quarters and each of them has 10 minutes. At half time there is a 15 minute break, while during the 1st and 2nd plus the 3rd and 4th periods there is a 2 minutes break.

In case there is a tie at the end of the 40 minutes, the referee will give an extra period that lasts for 5 minutes and this can be repeated until there is a winner.
Every basketball game begins with a jump ball, where two players have to jump after the ball thrown out in the air by the referee. The referees are using different hand signals plus the whistle in order to signal the decisions taken regarding the game.
Another important rule of basketball is that every player only has to do two taps before the ball hits the ground.

In order to score points you have to shoot the ball through the loop. The number of points that can be awarded while playing basketball is two points in case the player that shoots is located inside the 3point semi-circle and 3 points in case he is outside from that semicircle.

There is also the possibility to score one point during the penalty shot. These are shot from the free-throw line that is situated inside the 3 point semi-circle.
Playing basketball is easy. In many cases it’s going to take just 5 minutes to understand completely what you have to do to play it. The rules are interesting and you must remember them and actively apply them during the play. It’s not a difficult thing, but it can take long hours of practice before you are really able to master the game.

One of the easiest techniques you can learn to play basketball is to take a look at a game played by others on youtube, tv or even in real life at the basketball court near you. As a beginner you won’t need to have any special equipment, but if you do want to improve your skills, stay safe from injuries, it’s better to buy some basketball shoes.