Basketball Player Profile: Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan is by far one of the most popular basketball players of all time. In many cases, he was considered to be an American icon, and there were many kids that find him as a role model thanks to his success as a player. He was on the front page of any sports related publication for a very good number of years during both the ‘80s and the late ‘90s. Up until now, he still managed to remain a very important sports figures.

Michael Jordan

The road to success is always paved with much hard work and disappointments. It all started back in high school when he was rejected due to his height. This did not make him give up on his dream. After the high school team rejection, he joined the varsity team. That is the place where he could show his unique basketball playing skills. He did manage to move further to the next level in high school.

This is probably one of the first lessons given by him. He taught us that we always need to recover even after a rejection. If we talk a close look at the successful career of Air Jordan, we can notice the fact that he had a few essential lessons to teach you.

Michael Jordan can take risks. While he is mainly known for being a basketball player, he is also an Olympic athlete, a business man and an actor. He managed to achieve all this by doing everything in his comfort zone, he managed to get out of that and take his basketball play to a totally new level.

One of the things that helped him achieve this great success was the fact that he enjoys playing basket. By doing things that you love, you will mix passion with what you’re doing, and this is the only way you can achieve great success.

While he was able to become world famous he never forgets about the humble beginnings and unlike other big stars, he does not display any arrogance.

When Jordan started his professional player career he did that at the University of North Carolina, he was by them already the best player from that university.
The next step was when he joined Chicago Bulls in 1984. He started playing basketball at one of the best teams in United States and his impressive performance managed to help this team gather millions of new fans from all over the world.

Michael Jordan was successful right from the start. He used his great basketball skills and helped the team win the first season when he played at Chicago Bulls.
He retired early in 1993, but he returned in 1995 and managed to bring 3 more titles to Chicago Bulls. During his career he also achieved great success in business. For example the Air Jordan basketball shoes had an enormous success, even if they were priced high on the market and these sneakers became an internationally recognized brand.