Basketball Potentially Becoming A Woman’s Game

Throughout the years almost every sport you could possibly imagine has been dominated by males while females have had to have their own separate league that has no connection to the male dominated leagues of Football, Hockey and Soccer. The National Football League has recently been under fire as they won’t even allow for a woman’s national football league but on the other end of things the National Basketball Association is showing the NFL how to do things.

San Antonio Spurs

Less than a week ago Michele Roberts was named the head of the NBA, the first woman in world history to run a professional male sports union. Quickly after that the San Antonio Spurs hired the first female full-time coach for the NBA. Becky Hammon will now join the bench with the San Antonio Spurs, helping the champions defend their title next year. Beck Hammon is a thirty seven year old Woman’s National Basketball Association veteran. He played for the San Antonio Stars for sixteen seasons as one of the best players in the WNBA’s history.

The National Basketball League is actually encouraging owners of professional basketball teams to consider a female coach. The NBA now stands as the most diverse professional sports union in the world, out dating the National Football League and Major League Baseball at the same time. This isn’t the first time that a female has been connected to the NBA though, Jeanie Buss is the president of the Los Angeles Lakes. The coaches, players and even water boys have to take their orders from her before anyone else. You can expect the NBA to become more diverse with each passing year.