Best player of all time for Los Angeles Lakers – Magic Johnson

The Los Angeles Lakers have managed to achieve great success in the past and they were on the front page of any sports related magazine. This would not happen if there weren’t players that worked hard and made their dreams come true. Right now the star player of the Lakers is Kobe Bryant, and he managed to make it big, but before that there were other legendary players such as Magic Johnson who helped the team reach out for the peak of success. Back in the days, any LA Lakers game where he was played, was sold out very fast.


The personal life of Magic Johnson

His real name was Earvin Johnson Junior and he was born in Lansing Michigan on August 14, 1959. The love for basketball started early, and he followed his dream while playing ball in high school. The “Magic” nickname was introduced early, when he was only 15 years old and his fast moves on the basketball court along with the huge number of points scored for every game, made him magical. The first one to call him like that was Fred Stabley, who was working at that time for a local newspaper. He helped his high school basketball team win the state championship when he was during his senior year.

College basketball

Johnson measured 6 feet and 9 inches. His stature made him great for playing in the center position. Despite that, he continued to keep on playing in the point guard position. All his tricks were very impressive, and they were the ones to help his team to win. The Los Angeles Lakers team was playing during that time with an unbeatable spirit. Along with the center position player Abdul-Jabbar, he managed to win many amazing games. Once when Abdul-Kareem suffered an injury during a match, Johnson took his position and performed great from the center position.

End of career

There were many fans that were all lining up in order to get their hands on a LA Lakers tickets. All this was happening thanks to the amazing sporting performance of Johnson. Both Magic Johnson and his team, the Lakers, had an increased popularity and saw some amazing results during the ‘80s and this was hold up until 1991.
That is the time when he had to quit playing and leave the big league all of a sudden due to HIV. This is one of the reasons why Magic Johnson is now using all his efforts to work on philanthropic projects to fight HIV and AIDS.

Magic Johnson had some great years of glory. He did manage to be one of the best players of all time in the NBA, and his hard work and dedication to the game is something that can’t be found anywhere else. Any LA Lakers fan must remember the glorious past of this team that managed to keep on being one of the best in the NBA even today.