Canadian Men’s Basketball Team Heads to Manila

The Canadian Men’s Basketball Team is heading off to Manila for an Olympic Qualifying match. The path to the Rio Olympics has been made rocky for the team this time around. Their failings last summer made many to believe, including analysts that Canada wouldn’t make it to the Rio Olympics for basketball in 2016. This isn’t all that surprising though as the Canadian Men’s Basketball Team has never performed to the expectations of their citizens.

Canadian Men’s Basketball Team

Canada now has to beat both France & Turkey in order to make it into the Rio Olympics. This’ll be incredibly hard as Canada is ranked 14th in global scale while both of these countries are tied for 5th. If Canada does win it’ll be the first time the country has earned an Olympic berth for Basketball since 2000. If they don’t this time around they won’t have the chance to do so again for another four years’ time which means 2020 will be upon us.

These Canadian men shall play Turkey on March 5th, 2016. If they don’t defeat this team they’ll instantly be kicked from the Olympics. Luckily it’s rumored that the coach of the Canadian team has been harshly training them, creating new plans & drills that have bettered the team as athletes. Hopefully these rumors stand true and aren’t just scare tactics to worry both France as well as Turkey. None the less the 2016 Rio De Janeiro Olympics will be one that’ll showcase some of the most exciting basketball seen in years.