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Floyd Mayweather Holds Charity Basketball Game

Floyd Mayweather is a household name, a name that is known for being a boxing legend. This legendary athlete just doesn’t destroy his opponents in the ring, providing entertainment for all but he also is a charitable man who spends the majority of his time using his name & face for charity. This was once again displayed this past Sunday as Mr. Mayweather attended the 10th Annual Celebrity Basketball Game located at the Calabasas High School Gymnasium. Hundreds of fans game out to see the various stars, as did paparazzi and more.

Floyd Mayweather

This event was impressive on array of different levels, the sheer number of people whom attended was incredible. The large number of stars included Travis Baker, Mark Jackson, Paul Piece, Floyd Mayweather, Adrien Broner, Shawn Porter and a few others participated in this event. Dozens and dozens of children lined up to talk to these stars and receive autographs. The stands were packed tight with various people watching & outside of this high school the parking lot was packed with cars watching the game tailgating style.

Anyone whom was located inside of the event or outside was able to participate in it as well. There were dozens of vendors, all of which were selling their products & providing 75% of the profits over to the charity. These vendors sold food, merchandise and so much more in hopes of raising more money. The amount of money this event generated this year is unclear as of this moment, that information will be revealed in the near future.

Michael Jordan Awarded $8.9 Million

Michael Jordan isn’t just one of the most recognizable names in Basketball, but he is one of the most recognizable athletes in the world. Anyone who knows sports knows of this legendary player and once again it seems his luck has turned out. A supermarket chain by the name of Jewel-Osco’s used Jordan’s name in a 2009 Sports Illustrated Advertisement. Mr. Jordan didn’t give them permission to use his name which in return caused for a lawsuit. Today it was revealed by the spokespeople of Michael Jordan that he won the lawsuit, winning a total of $8.9 Million.

Michael Jordan

The trail for this lawsuit was set to go to court in early December. Luckily for Jewel-Osco’s they were smart enough to realize that going to court would result in them paying for more than they could imagine. The lawyers for both sides of this lawsuit decided to enter a quick resolution agreement which allowed for Jordan’s lawyers fee’s to be paid separately from his settlement. They agreed to a total of $9 million, Jordan walking away from $8.9 of it.

It’s unclear as to what caused this company to believe they had the rights to use Michael Jordan’s name. Any company that has any intelligence knows that this is incredibly illegal. Rumors revolving around this lawsuit state that Jewel-Osco’s purposely made the advertisement, account for a future law settlement with whatever profits they made. If this information came to light as being true then they’d more than likely lose their rights to operate as a chain business.

Manchester Giants Star Raises Money for Cancer

Manchester Giants star and ace player, Stefan Gill has become inspired to raise funds for researching prostate cancer. This urge to raise the money came to light after one of his family members was diagnosed with this form of cancer. Using his stardom he wanted to provide local research foundations with large enough donations that they’d be able to do some good.

Manchester Giants

This required for this ace basketball player to persuade his group of friends on the team to strip off their clothes for a tasteful, almost nude photo shoot. These black and white, artistic photos have already gone viral and are becoming to make major headway in the Great Britain News. Though this story takes a turn towards the odd as the photographer of these photos are Mr. Gill’s sister herself. She took all of the photos which surely is in the realms of odd.

None the less these photos have been able to become popular and raise a large amount of money for prostate cancer. The organization which will be receiving all of the funds currently earned and earned afterwards will be the “Prostate Cancer UK Organization”. These photos are being distributed in the form of a calendar. Those whom wish to purchase it can do so for thirteen Euro’s. They’ll continue to be on sale until November 25th, 2015. They hope to earn a maximum of five hundred thousand Euro’s. This is a far off estimate but for a good cause anything is possible. Go to

Halifax Gets Its Own NBL Team

Halifax, Nova Scotia is receiving their own National Basketball League team. This marks the second time that one of Nova Scotia’s main cities will be getting a professional basketball team. Though this team still might not have a name the Halifax Professional Basketball Club is moving forward with their plans. This is because on Wednesday, September 30th 2015 the HPBC announced that Hugo Lopes will be the head coach for this basketball team.

Halifax, Nova Scotia

For those whom might not know Hugo Lopes is from Spain. He has more than fifteen years of professional coaching experience behind his back in the Spanish Professional Basketball Circuit. He coached Liga AC for six seasons, this is considered to be one of the most highly skilled basketball teams around the world. This can very well mean that Halifax’s Basketball Team will become something to be feared in the upcoming seasons.

Lopes stated openly that he is thrilled to be working with Halifax’s new NBL Team & he looks forward to training these new players. This isn’t the first time that Halifax has had a professional basketball team though. The previous team “Halifax Rainmen” were disbanded last year after they had to pay out $70,000 in fines for forfeiting the championship game in April. This lead many people to believe that they were bribed in some manner, none the less paying out the $70,000 had the team file for bankruptcy in a short period of time.

Halifax’s new basketball team is slated to make their first appearance not this season but the next one after it.

Jay Traino Pays Basketball Fine

Jay Traino, the former Toronto Raptors Head Coach and now Head Coach of the Canadian National Men’s Basketball Team is a man who helps whomever he can. He showcased this once again last week as he paid for an Oshawa, Ontario’s family’s $250 fine. This fine was given to the family after several noise complaints regarding this visually impaired youngster playing basketball.

Toronto Raptors

This story quickly gained a lot of interest and has caused for the neighbors to look poorly. Joshua Roberto, only thirteen years of age is severely visually impaired and can’t do a lot of tasks due to this. One day it’s suspected he’ll go blind when he’s older, basketball is one of the few things he enjoys and the Roberto’s neighbors are constantly harassing them, being bullies and ignorant towards the family. Maciocia Roberto, the mother of Joshua has had to pay hundreds of dollars in fines due to her car being parked on the street, noise complaints and more.

It appears that all of her neighbors are retired individuals, they’re the only young family on the block. It’s apparent that these older individuals are bullying the young family in hopes that they’ll move. In return Miss. Roberto had this story published in the Toronto Star, the main image showcasing “Basketball Net on Highway” when the Roberto’s live in a subdivision.

The end result is the City of Oshawa allowing for the boy to once again have his basketball net on their property and the ticket being appealed. This youngster also got to see the Canadian National Basketball Team practice and play a game when their tournament begins.

USA Claims PAN AM Men’s Basketball Bronze Medal

The Pan America games were completed only a few days ago and though many countries went without being on the leader boards, the United States of America did not. On July 25th, the day before the games ended it was revealed that the USA won the Men’s Basketball Bronze. Though they didn’t win gold it is still better to place in the top three then to not place at all.

usa flag

The United States of America also won a number of other medals including one hundred and three different gold medals, eighty one silver metals and eighty other bronze medals. USA defeated the Dominican Republic 87 to 82, this was a very close game for both teams but none the less the USA Men’s team came out on top. All players in the team as well as the coach expressed how pleased they are that they were able to gain the bronze for Basketball. It was looking like they wouldn’t be able to make the cut but during the last final minutes all players on the USA Team gave it their all, allowing for them to score the other five points and win the match.

Some of these young men won’t be seen again in a worldwide stage until the Summer Olympics. That is truly when the most intense basketball is played globally as the most elite from every country is giving it their all in hopes that they’ll win gold. The Canadians were able to win the gold medal which shocked Pan Am fans everywhere, however this much to the joy of Canadians as the country performed incredibly well in the standings placing second with the most medals won during the games.

Lil Wayne Showcases Ignorance Once Again

Lil Wayne is considered to be one of the more famous rappers in history, unfortunately by the mass majority he is considered to be a fool and that is through his own actions. Even in the rapping community he is considered to be a joke. Last week Mr. Wayne attended a community basketball game, coaching his youth basketball team “Young Money”. This game had 85% of the proceeds placed towards the “Put down the Pistol” campaign, an act to create charge & innovation within housing communities in metropolitan areas such as the Bronx in New York City.

Lil Wayne

However during this even things become violent as Lil Wayne attacked one of the official refs at the game. This attack came after Mr. Wayne thought that this ref was serving the opposing team “Loose Cannon Slim” with too much love, causing for the young money basketball team having to deal with a series of bad calls that cost them the game. Wayne then charged at the official, blowing one punch into his fist and then spitting on him as he walked away. No arrests have been made due to this altercation, most likely for the same reason as to why Mr. Wayne doesn’t get arrested 90% of the time. Those fear what he can do & he has the money to bail himself out.

Every bit of this altercation was recorded as the game was being filmed by audience members. This could allow for the ref to place charges against Lil Wayne in the upcoming days if he so pleases. We will keep you informed as to what happens with this issue.

Kayne West Booed At Warriors Game

Kayne West, a man who is hated by many was booed earlier on this week while at a Los Angeles Warriors Game. This is a real shame as this star though has a self centered attitude has also helped many in his crusade to become the best there is in Hollywood. None the less while he was at the game, the jumbotron showcased the star where everyone in the crowd instantly starting to boo him.

Kayne West

This isn’t the first time that Kayne West has been booed this month, it is actually his third time. Just last week when he attended the Warriors game he was booed by all the fans in the stadium and after preforming at the Billboard Music Awards he was booed by the entire audience for performing his hit song “All Day”. That doesn’t mean that Mr. West took offence to any of this as he has stated that he takes these boos as a sign of honor, that he must be doing something right if so many people dislike him.

Often those who are brutally honest about how they think or act are disliked by the mass majority. Kayne’s personality doesn’t go with the norm of Hollywood which is why so many in his city despise him. None the less Kayne is smiling as he continues to stand as a multi-millionaire. Kayne West is said to be releasing a new album later on this year, we’ll inform you as to when the release date is.

College Football Is “Unwatchable”

Jay Bilas is considered to be one of the more respected television voice’s in sports. He is the leading television voice for college football which can be heard across radio’s in Northern America & his voice over layers the game at points. Anyone who avidly has watched college football could recognize this man’s voice in a matter of seconds. Unfortunately it seems that the former college basketball player now turned into a sports broadcaster has openly stated that he believes college football has gone down the drain and is unwatchable. This is surprising as he has always supported the sport when others haven’t but it seems he has reached his tipping point on the sport.


He has stated that before college’s would treat college basketball as if it was college football. The athlete’s were put into major training regiments in order to ensure that they’d be incredible on the court and eventually become NBA Players, a few of them at least. Mr. Bilas has now stated that coaches across the league are lazy and don’t put any effort into training their athletes. The result is a game that is ugly, unskilled and slow. This means that in the future the NBA will also turn into the same thing as most NBA players are chosen from the college league. Mr. Bilas has said that if coaches don’t start taking the hard approach soon then basketball as a whole has the potential to fail as a sport.

We shall inform you of any changes in Jay Bilas’s opinion on the world wide sport known as Basketball.

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence is a young Hollywood Actress that has been able to climb to the ranks of an A-List star in a short period of time. There are a number of reason for this, she has an attitude that doesn’t allow for her life to be effected by dumb tabloids and she is by far the best young actress in Hollywood currently. Unfortunately earlier on this year she had to deal with an unfortunate event as multiple nude pictures of her were leaked online, almost every female star in Hollywood had multiple nude pictures of themselves leaked. None the less she was the face of this major leak but it seems that she has now recovered.

Jennifer lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence appeared at the Louisville Cardinals Basketball Game this December 27th. She looked full of spirit and has more than enough natural smiles on her face to show that she has gotten over the issue. Luckily the Cardinals won the game, this is one of the first times since the major nude leak that we’ve seen her attend a public place such as this. She has been seen at Hollywood parties and various functions but she hasn’t been seen much in the public eye.

This is an incredible thing though as it’ll allow for this Basketball loving actress to move on with her life and be a part of incredible films in the future. Luckily Louisville was able to win this game 58 to 50, it was a tight game but the excitement of the game and the excitement of having an incredible actress such as Miss. Lawrence made people cheer on the team to victory.