Chicago Bulls the Legends of the NBA

During its glorious history, the Chicago Bulls managed to win 6 championships in the NBA. Everything happened during the ‘90s when Michael Jordan along with Scottie Pippen where playing under the supervision of Phil Jackson (Head Coach at Chicago Bulls at that time).

Chicago Bulls logo

One of the most legendary championship final of Chicago Bulls happened in the 1990 – 1991 Season. At that time they had to meet the Los Angeles Lakers. That was the time when Magic Johnson was still playing at the Lakers and the Bulls had Jordan. This was one of the ultimate encounters between the NBA superstars of that time. At the beginning the Bulls lost the first game at home, but after that they have managed to win the next 4 games. That is also the time when the MVP Finals award was given to Michael Jordan.

Chicago Bulls is probably one of the most popular basketball team in the world and they owe all this to Michael Jordan. They are based in Chicago Illinois and they are part of the Eastern Conference. It was founded in 1966 and they are playing their home games at the basketball court known as “Madhouse on Madison”.

The team was incredibly popular during the ‘90s. That is the time when they managed to win 6 championships in a very short period. They have managed to earn numerous records, as the fact that they are the only team from the NBA that never lost a match in the final and at the same time they have earned many championship titles. Another record is that they have managed to win 72 games during a single season. There is no other NBA team to win more than 70 games in a season.

There are many basketball experts that have analyzed the ’96 Bulls team and they came to the conclusion as that is the greatest team of all time in the NBA. According to the Forbes magazine, the Chicago Bulls team was estimated in 2013 to be worth $1 billion, while their income for that year was $52.2 million dollars.
The rival teams of the Bulls are Milwaukee Bucks, Detroit Pistons and during the recent years two more teams were added to the list: Miami Heat and the Indiana Pacers. The rivalry between the Pistons and Chicago Bulls is very old, and it’s considered to be one of the biggest in the NBA.

In case you are planning to go watch a live Bulls games, you should have probably the best basketball experiences out there. One of the main attractions is Chicago, which is an amazing city. The Bulls team is legendary and there were many great players that had the opportunity to wear their uniform and one of the most notable is of course Michael Jordan that took this team to new heights