Donald Sterling Makes Remarks

Donald Sterling, the owner of the Los Angeles Clippers, has recently been crucified in the media for saying a series of remarks relating towards African American and certain figures in the NBA. Mr. Sterling was forced out of ownership after he made a remark that essentially said he didn’t want black people to show up at his games, this came as a shock to many as the majority of his previous players were African American. After these remarks came to light his team refused to play any matches and the NBA began to lose a large amount of money on the clippers. This resulted in Donald Sterling being forced out of ownership, Donald Sterling was also given a fine of $2.5 Million due to costs for when the Los Angeles Clippers stopped playing at their games.

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Donald Sterling has once again made a series of remarks relating towards what happened last month saying, “I am appalled by how I was treated by NBA Officials, I was a long time owner of the Las Angeles Clippers and I made millions for the NBA. I was jealous as I fancied an African American female and when she brought more African American males to the game I lost my temper. Then I speak to Shaq and he informs the entire world of our conversation. It is absolutely pathetic how the media portrayed me and I can ensure those in the NBA that I will return somehow to gain my presence back.”

Unfortunately the NBA doesn’t work like that, when you are banned for life that ban cannot be lifted.