Greatest basketball players of all time

Basketball is a famous sport in United States and all over the world. Many of the star players are millionaires, and there are millions of fans to support it. We have made a list with the world’s most famous basketball players of all time. If you are wondering what the most popular and the best basketball player of all time is, the first name that come in your mind is Michael Jordan. Along with him there are also other players with names that have a huge resonance in our minds. Find here the top 5 greatest basketball players of all time.

Shaquille O’Neal

He is now retired from playing professional basketball in the NBA. Born on 6 March, 1972 in NJ, he was one of the greatest players, and there are a few things to make it unique and not like the other players. First of all he was one of the heaviest players in the NBA league and he used his strength and height in order to dominate the game. If we take a look at the overall field goal percentage, we can see that he is positioned on the 3rd place.

Magic Johnson

Magic Johnson is the basketball player that managed to impress the crowd. He always took his team to the finals while he played for the Los Angeles Lakers.

LeBron James

lebron james

LeBron is the star player that performed at the Miami Heat. He had a rather short career as he only performed 10 full seasons in the NBA. The great performance managed to make him one of the greatest players in the basketball history. The statistics show that he had a great success and earned many awards with his team.

Kobe Bryant

In many sporting magazines, Kobe Bryant is considered to be the second most popular basketball player right after Michael Jordan. He managed to break many important records, as the one about being the youngest player that achieved 30,000 at the LA Lakers. He was part of the 2008 summer Olympics, and he managed to earn a gold medal with the US team. Right after the retirement of Shaquille O’Neil, he was the one to take the glory and he was considered to be the cornerstone of the LA team. Kobe Bryant earned during his career 3 NBA titles and 3 MVP awards. All this makes him one of the world’s most valuable basketball players and he is still playing the game.

Michael Jordan

With no doubts, Michael Jordan is the world’s greatest basketball player of all time. He was born back in 1963 in New York and he is currently retired. He initially announced his retirement back in 1993, but he returned in 1995. During his career, he managed to get the best performances while playing at Chicago bulls. He got during his successful career as a basketball player 5 NBA titles, Olympic Gold and 3 MVP awards.