Halifax Gets Its Own NBL Team

Halifax, Nova Scotia is receiving their own National Basketball League team. This marks the second time that one of Nova Scotia’s main cities will be getting a professional basketball team. Though this team still might not have a name the Halifax Professional Basketball Club is moving forward with their plans. This is because on Wednesday, September 30th 2015 the HPBC announced that Hugo Lopes will be the head coach for this basketball team.

Halifax, Nova Scotia

For those whom might not know Hugo Lopes is from Spain. He has more than fifteen years of professional coaching experience behind his back in the Spanish Professional Basketball Circuit. He coached Liga AC for six seasons, this is considered to be one of the most highly skilled basketball teams around the world. This can very well mean that Halifax’s Basketball Team will become something to be feared in the upcoming seasons.

Lopes stated openly that he is thrilled to be working with Halifax’s new NBL Team & he looks forward to training these new players. This isn’t the first time that Halifax has had a professional basketball team though. The previous team “Halifax Rainmen” were disbanded last year after they had to pay out $70,000 in fines for forfeiting the championship game in April. This lead many people to believe that they were bribed in some manner, none the less paying out the $70,000 had the team file for bankruptcy in a short period of time.

Halifax’s new basketball team is slated to make their first appearance not this season but the next one after it.