How to prevent injuries while playing basketball

Basketball is a game that managed to evolve as time went by. There were some humble beginnings, where the ball was thrown into a fruits basket, and a janitor used a ladder to get it down and continue the game. Things have changed a lot now, and if you take a look at any NBA match, you should be able to notice a high speed game where in most cases it’s only a matter of time before an injury could occur. During the last couple of years, we’ve seen many players go down at the end of the season, as they suffered some injuries.

basketball injury

New rules are added on a constant basis, and the reason why this is happening is to protect the players from the eventual injuries that could happen. The high speed and lots of action can make this game so interesting and entertaining.

In this article, we are planning to give you a few tips that could help you prevent these injuries from happening.

One of the top priorities you have when you start playing basketball is to make sure that the court is clear and that there is nothing there that could hurt you while running after the bal. You do not want to live with an ankle injury because you have not moved something a few meters out of the basketball court.

The shoes are also important when you are playing basketball. You need to buy some proper basketball shoes in order to stay out from having any problems. This means that they have to provide you with a good traction, and that is also going to offer you the stability and balance you need during the game. In order to prevent injuries you could try to wear some ankle braces. Even if you do not have problems with the ankle these can prevent you from having an ankle injury. Especially since the ankle is very vulnerable during a basketball game, because you have to change direction all the time.

Another essential thing you have to do in order to prevent injuries is to do a proper warm up. The muscles that are not warmed up are very susceptible to suffering an injury. Always allow enough time to stretch and go through the whole procedure of warming up, before you start playing the game.

This game is very competitive, but at the same time it can also be very enjoyable. While playing the game, you have quite small chances of ending up injured, but it’s always best to prevent the eventual injuries that could occur. It won’t take long before you get familiar with the tips presented in this short guide and after you do that you will have no problems.

To sum it up, always remember: warm up well before you start shooting the ball, wear appropriate shoes and clothes, remove anything from the field that could cause you harm. If you remember all this then you have some good chances of doing a great game, a nice work out and a time spent well.