Lifetime Products Opens New Factory In Utah

Lifetime Products, a world leading company in outdoor furniture and basketball equipment has revealed that their opening a new factory in Utah. This came as a surprise to many as operating in the United States of America can be vastly more costly than it would be to operate in China, Malaysia or various other Asian countries. Though operating in the USA can also prove to be profitable as it shows US Citizens that you’re willing to bring infrastructure and jobs to the USA which in return will have citizens support your products.

Lifetime Products

This new Utah based Lifetime Products factory will create roughly one thousand new jobs in the state of Utah. This factory will work towards creating basketball equipment only, using new technology and materials these various kinds of basketball equipment will be more durable than anything that Lifetime Products has released yet. There hasn’t been any word as to when they will begin working on this new factory. Regardless you don’t see world leading companies move some of their operations to the USA, this is a step forward to getting other worldwide companies such as Nike to do the same.

We’ll keep you informed on all updates released regarding this new factory. When it is opened it’ll allow for one thousand individuals to receive a new job, feed their families and receive a good wage once again. Barry Mower, the CEO of Lifetime Products couldn’t be reached for a comment as of right now. He is busy working on designing this new factory in Utah.