March Madness – The Ultimate College Basketball Competition

March Madness is a very popular basketball event, and you’ve probably heard the name even if you do not watch closely the college basketball games. As the name suggests this event happens every year in the month of March. There are four weeks of fun and entertainment available where the NCAA holds both the women’s and men’s basketball tournaments and at the end of it, a new national college basketball champion is designated.

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The event begins right when the brackets are announced. There you get to see the rankings, plus the first games of the teams that are part of this tournament.
There are many websites, sports betting businesses or groups of friends that are into predicting what is going to happen in the brackets. There are many prizes available and this event is widely spread all over United States.

One of the things that manage to make the March Madness, so interesting is the fact that the teams that are competing for the grand prize are coming from different confrences and this means that they are not meeting together during the regular season. This makes the prediction of the outcome of the match very difficult and you should get to see many surprizes.

While this might prove to be a huge problem for those that are planning to bet on the tournament, it makes things a lot more interesting for the viewers. By not knowing what team is going to win, and everything can happen. The name of the tournament “March Madness” is given probably by the fact that everything is difficult to predict.

The tournament takes place during 4 weeks. There are 64 teams that will compete for the trophy and they are selected based on several factors that are mainly their performance in the regular season.

March Madness has a massive start, where during the first two days, the 64 teams are going down to only 32. The next two days leave the championship with only 16 teams. These are called the “Sweet 16”. This is happening up until the final that is by far one of the most fun and popular events of all NCAA championship.

Every year March Madness manages to get a very good attention from the media. In order to get an idea about how big this event is, the March Madness manages to attract more bets than the Super Bowl.

Watching a basketball sporting event is great. You can see all your favorites, but also teams that you are probably not familiar with, as they come from a different conference. The surprize factor is always the thing that adds spice to watching the game.

In case you are a true basketball fan, then you are probably already familiar with the tournament. The tournament has many nicknames and it’s often referred as the “Big Dance”.

There are millions of fans that are watching closely the most important matches and as this huge events unfolds it can bring lots of surprizes this makes betting on it a very challenging job, but also very rewarding for those that can see between the lines what’s happening.