Michael Jordan Awarded $8.9 Million

Michael Jordan isn’t just one of the most recognizable names in Basketball, but he is one of the most recognizable athletes in the world. Anyone who knows sports knows of this legendary player and once again it seems his luck has turned out. A supermarket chain by the name of Jewel-Osco’s used Jordan’s name in a 2009 Sports Illustrated Advertisement. Mr. Jordan didn’t give them permission to use his name which in return caused for a lawsuit. Today it was revealed by the spokespeople of Michael Jordan that he won the lawsuit, winning a total of $8.9 Million.

Michael Jordan

The trail for this lawsuit was set to go to court in early December. Luckily for Jewel-Osco’s they were smart enough to realize that going to court would result in them paying for more than they could imagine. The lawyers for both sides of this lawsuit decided to enter a quick resolution agreement which allowed for Jordan’s lawyers fee’s to be paid separately from his settlement. They agreed to a total of $9 million, Jordan walking away from $8.9 of it.

It’s unclear as to what caused this company to believe they had the rights to use Michael Jordan’s name. Any company that has any intelligence knows that this is incredibly illegal. Rumors revolving around this lawsuit state that Jewel-Osco’s purposely made the advertisement, account for a future law settlement with whatever profits they made. If this information came to light as being true then they’d more than likely lose their rights to operate as a chain business.