NBA All Star Game

The NBA All Star Game is by far one of the most fun and exciting NBA match. It happens just one time per year, and it’s viewed by millions of fans from all over the world. This is not a competition; it’s more like an exhibition game that is held to bring together the best basketball superstars. This way the best players from the Western Conference are going to meet the Eastern Conference. The first All-Star game dates back to 1951, when it took place in Boston Garden.

All star game logo

An interesting point about the All Star game is that the teams are selected by a fan ballot. This way you get to see the most loved players by the fans and not by the coaches or any other person that has special interests to add a player there. The reserves, however, are selected by the head coaches, while they are not able to vote for their own players.

The coach of all Star team of each conference is represented by the coach that has the largest number of players selected for this game.

This NBA game has always been a success. It draws a much higher attention, and you get to find 10k spectators, compared to what the average basketball NBA game can bring (3.5k).

The game is played just like any normal basketball game. This means that the standard NBA rules will be applied.

When the players are introduced to the court, there are usually some amazing music, laser/light effects and pyrotechnics. The players have a special shirt and shorts that are created especially for this event and the color is usually red for Western and blue for Eastern.

Some think that the All Star game is probably one of the most fun game to watch in the whole NBA season. Every year you should expect to find a very wide range of things that special players are able to make. You could see lots of slam dunks or even the more elaborate alley oops.

In fact the whole game is all about the show. This way the defensive effort is always limited in order to give more to the audience. This way the number of points scored in an All Star game is much higher compared to what’s available at the average NBA basketball match. This means that placing an over bet is in most cases 99% right.

The half time between the periods is much longer than a normal game and during that period there are performances of prime artists like Shakira, Rihanna, Beyonce or Elton John.

In case you are looking for a high quality entertainment and you are also a huge basketball fan, then the All Star game is most one of the best things to look at.