The history of basketball

There is a rich history of this game dates back to 1891 in Springfield Massachusetts. It all started when the so called “father of basketball”, James Naismith invented it. It all happened in United States, Pennsylvania. The first match that was recorded in the history of the game was between Geneva College and New Brighton YMCA.

Springfield Massachusetts

The sport had a massive popularity at that time and in just a few years’ time there were many college teams. After that, throughout the 20th century, there were many leagues developed like the NBA or NCAA. Basketball is right now one of the most popular sport in the world.

The invention of the game is a really interesting story. It all started in the mind of Dr. James Naismith. All this was happening in 1891. One of the reasons why he invented the game was to condition the football players even during the harsh winter temperatures.

When this new sport was born the teams were made out of 9 players each and the main objective was to throw the ball into a fruit basket that was nailed down to the gym balcony. Every time the ball went there, a point was recorded and at the same time the game had to be halted, as the janitor came with a ladder to retrieve the ball.
Another interesting story about basketball is that when it was created, it was first supposed to be named Naismith Game, which personally doesn’t look that appealing, however one of his students suggested to change the name to basketball as it uses a ball and a basket. The name probably contributed to making this game popular.
The game spread all over United States and the world very fast for that time. The first professional basketball league was made in 1989. There were six teams available and it was called the National Basketball League.

Today’s largest basketball league in terms of popularity is the NBA. This was formed many years later in 1946 in New York. It was initial called Basketball Association of America and it was until 1949 when the name changed to NBA when it merged with the NBL.

In order to get an idea about what this league means, you just have to take a look at the popularity of the matches, the salaries paid to the players and the huge level of competition that is available.

It all adds up to a very nice game that is played by millions of people all over the world. The game is very popular to play, but it’s also very fun to watch. The most important NBA matches are able to attract millions of viewers on TV.