Villanova Basketball Coach Passes At 93

Jack Kraft, the man behind the Villanova Wildcats has passed away at the old age of ninety three. Jack Kraft was the man who coached this team for twelve years in a row, during his twelve seasons as coach he was able to take the team from zeroes to heroes in a matter of one season. During 1971, the same very year he began coaching the Villanova Wildcats he was able to take the Villanova Wildcats to the N.C.A.A Basketball Championship Tournament where he coached them into victory. After he retired from being coach he continued to go to the practices, help new coaches and teach them plays. He helped define this team for decades to come and he will be sorely missed by everyone who knew him as an individual.


John Jack Kraft was born on February 10th, 2921 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania where he later on in life played for the St. Joseph Philadelphia Basketball Team. He later on then coached the very same high school team he played for until he was hired on as the Villanova Head Coach. He took the Wildcats to the N.C.A.A Championship on his first year as coach where they won the game 21-7.

“The last time I saw him was two basketball seasons ago,” he told The Bucks County Courier Times. “He looked like a million dollars. We had a nice chat. I saw that he was completely in charge of everything. He had found happiness. What more could you ask? Then you heard about this.”